March 30th 10:00-15:00

Price is €177 ($195 US)



by Lia Kohnen-Mast

52 rue Michel Hack

3240 Bettembourg

Grand-Duchy Luxemburg



You Will Learn:


  • Airbrushing Techniques

  • Watercolor Techniques

  • Piping & Flooding

  • Working with wafer paper

  • How to apply metallic highlighters

  • How to incorporate fondant pieces onto your cookie

  • Sequins Technique

  • Learn how to paint and shade on royal icing

  • And Much More!

A Mermaid's Tale Collection : Luxembourg- March 30th 10:00-15:00 (€177)

  • All classes are non-refundable. Should you have an emergency, a refund can be issued only if a replacement is found to take your spot.