May 26th- 10am-4/6pm

Price is 319 Euro ($367.28 US)


Cake Pirate

Herzog-Heinrich-Straße 40

80336 München Germany 

The location is directly above the

traditional "Cafe Kustermann" at

Goetheplatz in München


This class has been tailored to ease the fear and anxiety of painting faces on royal icing. Sandie Beltran has developed a unique, systematic way to paint on royal iced cookies like a pro! In this class you will use a projector to help guide you on sizing and spacing to sketch your project onto your cookies while also learning Sandie's signature shading and shadowing techniques to help give your flat cookie a smooth, dimentional finish. Sandie will also explain what her favorite tools, tips and tricks to achieve the best results when painting on royal icing, especially how to avoid warping and pitting while painting. Painting with water is a much more forgiving medium then the usual alcohol. In most occasions you can even ERASE mistakes! This class